Looking for the perfect balance of Online HITT and Yoga classes?

Do you love intensity of HITT classes but wish there was a balance between targeted fitness and the calming techniques of yoga and stretching?


Yep, that's ME!

If you're looking for the perfect online fitness balance, you just found it!

Welcome to our Online HITT and Yoga membership!  With a library of fitness classes to inspire your daily movement practice ALL from the comforts of your own home!  Log in to your private dashboard and choose any of our popular HITT and Yoga classes!  All levels are welcome to JOIN!


All Fitness Levels from beginners to advanced. This group exercise class mixes traditional calisthenics, body weight, and weighted exercises with interval training, kickboxing, tabata and strength training to give you the ultimate workout experience! Boredom is not something you will experience in this class; we continue to offer a variety of exercises to keep your mind and body guessing. Finishing the class off with 15 min of Yoga .. perfect Combo!


Your Weekly Online HITT and Yoga membership includes:


  • Versatile HIIT Yoga Sessions: Enjoy combined classes tailored to focus on specific areas—full body, upper body, lower body, or core—providing targeted workouts for your fitness goals.
  • Variety of Yoga Classes : Power, Flow, Yang Yin, Yin
  • On-Demand Recorded Classes
  • Continuous Class Expansion
  • Stay excited and engaged with new classes regularly added to the library, ensuring a fresh and dynamic workout experience.

Monthly Unlimited Memebership


HITT + Yoga Classes